The value of collaborative construction services

The best time to have a construction and development expert on board is before construction! Accrete Construction partners with our clients and collaborates with the design team to provide extensive, low cost pre-construction services, bringing extraordinary value to make even difficult projects possible.

Accrete Construction is able to construct top quality buildings at a very reasonable cost because it owns the equipment and self-performs the trades required to construct a building.


Pre-Construction services provide the greatest opportunity to add value to a construction project. We have helped clients save millions of dollars and make difficult projects possible in the pre-construction phase. Pre-construction services include:

  • Provide detailed estimates prior to completion of drawings based upon our extensive history of project costs.
  • Provide owner budgets and tracking, including leadership and advice, on full project costs beyond solely construction.
  • Provide detailed schedules, including schedules for design, permitting and construction.
  • Leadership and planning. We lead meetings, push progress, document results, and hold the team accountable.
  • Coordinate pre-development meetings with city, utilities, design team, owner, volunteers, or other stakeholders. We collaborate to achieve owner objectives.
  • Evaluate the project for scope, phasing, and access.
  • Constructability advice, including review of details and cost-effective product recommendations.
  • Value engineering, system cost comparison, and cost saving suggestions.
  • Provide designs, details and estimates for MEP and critical systems, such as fire alarm, fire sprinklers, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, security, camera, computer cabling, phone, access controls, video and sound equipment, acoustical systems, kitchen equipment, elevator, etc.
  • Solicit, refer, or manage professional services as desired by owner, including soils testing, surveying, hazardous material abatement, contamination remediation, special inspections, traffic studies, wetland reports, irrigation and landscape design, civil engineering, structural engineering, architecture, interior design, kitchen design, acoustic design, lighting design, building envelope design, real estate brokers, bankers, and legal services.
  • Our in-house civil engineer can provide earthwork analysis to assess cut and fill operations, soil quality, utility availability and routing, value engineering, erosion control and schedule coordination.

General Contracting

The value that Accrete Construction adds as a general contractor during construction comes from our long history of self-performance and a commitment to quality and safety.

Accrete Construction’s employees are craftspeople by trade. They know quality and efficiency in construction. Whether working with a subcontractor or doing the work ourselves, we act as the Owner’s representative to provide the highest value to our client.

Accrete provides extraordinarily detailed and accurate estimates, organized into task codes that are easy to understand and to track through construction. From these estimates, Owners can make informed decisions about their project and Accrete can provide cost saving recommendations to achieve the highest value that meets the Owner’s project goals and objectives.

Most general contractors subcontract 100% of the skilled trade work to others. The subcontractors typically mark up their work 20% to 30% in addition to the general contractor’s markup. Accrete Construction believes that self-performing can reduce overall project markup, improve quality, responsiveness, control and therefore, improve schedule and cost. When appropriate for the project, we are capable of supplementing or self-performing the following tasks:

  • Demolition

  • Concrete
    • Foundations
    • Retaining walls
    • Storm vaults
    • Sidewalks
    • Tilt-up walls

  • Steel
    • Erection
    • Pre-engineered steel buildings
    • Welding
    • Light fabrication
    • Canopy installation
    • Framing
      • Wood framing
      • Roof truss systems
      • Floor joist systems
      • Metal stud framing


  •  Siding
    • Wood Siding
    • Sheet metal Siding
    • Weather barriers and furring (WRB)
    • Window and door installation and weatherproofing
    • Sheet metal flashing
  • Finish carpentry
    •  Trim
    • Cabinet install
    • FRP or plastic laminate wainscot
    • Accessories (grab bars, bath accessories, fire extinguishers, etc.)
    • Doors and hardware
    • Appliance install

  • Repair (drywall, paint, flooring, roofing, concrete, steel).

  •  Millwright
    • Heavy equipment installation
    • Pipe fitting
    • Welding
    • Crane Installation

Company Owned Equipment

Accrete Construction owns a fleet of construction equipment, such as all-terrain forklifts, scissor lifts, boom lifts, dump trucks, welders, office trailers, etc. We guarantee that the rates we provide to our clients will be less than prevailing rental rates. Furthermore, general contractors that rent equipment must pay sales tax on top of the rental price. Accrete does not need to pay sales tax to use company owned equipment and this savings is passed on to our clients.


Land, being used for its highest and best use, is often the key factor in the success and feasibility of a construction project. Accrete Construction staff includes registered professional civil engineers and licensed real estate brokers to help evaluate land deals for construction projects. We can assist with site selection and evaluation, site development, earthwork analysis, utility availability, feasibility studies, investment pro-formas, preliminary estimates, development restrictions and complicated land use issues such as contamination, wetlands, or conditional use permits.

Our Work


Senior Living projects have unique building construction standards that are specific to the residents they house.

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Accrete Construction is well-practiced in constructing all types of medical, dental, long term care, and veterinary facilities.

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Accrete Construction has built several multi-unit projects, including hotels, apartments, senior living facilities, and luxury condominiums as well as the amenities that often accompany these facilities, such as parking structures, kitchens, and common gathering spaces.

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